Buffalo Surveillance Server

IP Camera Recording

Create and easy IP camera surveillance system with TeraStation™.

The Surveillance evolution

Installation of surveillance system is growing everyday around the globe. Old analogical camera solutions are all being migrated towards digital IP camera solutions. Image quality is way better and solutions are not more proprietary of one brand. Installation is simpler because no need to run coax cabling everywhere as you can use existing IT LAN/WLAN infrastructure to attach an IP Surveillance solution into. IP surveillance is easier to access via standard PC’s both onsite and remotely. Cameras can be controlled by one piece of software – no need to keep the same manufacturer throughout Now that the camera are installed on the network, how do I best access the cameras and manage the stored images?


The Buffalo Solution: Hardware + Software

Once IP cameras are installed, wired or wireless, Buffalo TeraStation™ NAS associated to Buffalo surveillance server software provide a full secured storage solution at a very good price/performance ratio.


TeraStation NAS TS3000, TS4000, TS5000, TS7000

The TeraStation range is wide, and covers from a 2 bay - 2 TB unit, to 12 bay – 48 TB unit.

All models have common feature: hot swap HDD function, Active directory, at least 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB ports, NAS and iSCSI targets, port trunking, load balancing and several RAID modes plus replication feature and 10 licenses of backup software.

TeraStation NAS carries a 3 years VIP warranty (with HDD exchange in 24h if needed)

Recommended TeraStation model

  • TeraStation 7000 series – Support up to 50 IP cameras*
  • TeraStation 5000 series – Support up to 16 IP cameras*
  • TeraStation 4000 series – Support up to 16 IP cameras*
  • TeraStation 3000 series – Support up to 5 IP cameras*

* Variable depending on video signal resolution & FPS



Surveillance Video Manager

The Surveillance Video Manager software included in every TeraStation allows users to directly capture, manage and store camera feeds, enabling playback of live and stored video. It enables users to easily create and configure automated, video life cycle management policies to capture data and, when applicable, move eligible surveillance data to secondary storage while maintaining its full resolution. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager is unrivaled in its ability to search, retrieve, playback, edit and export stored video data.

One IP camera license is included with every TeraStation. Compatible with all RTSP cameras.

You can buy additional licenses as options.

The plus of this easy Buffalo solution

  • Support all IP RTSP Camera
  • High Scalability
  • The Buffalo solution offers to automatically switch to other TeraStation NAS, without interruption, when the primary TeraStation is full.
  • You can duplicate files from the primary TeraStation on a second TeraStation on real time.
Video MigrationVideo Duplication

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